Location: All classes will be held at SCAFA Dubai (School of Culinary And Finishing Arts), JLT.
Advanced booking: Required
Attire: Casual

A series of Masterclasses designed specifically for Media and Communications Professionals to enhance the quality of their communications and information where the Italian Cuisine is concerned. A lot of misinformation circulates around these days and media professionals perform and do better when they are properly informed. While these classes are about Italian cuisine, however the approach and tools acquired apply across the board. These classes are conducted to explore authenticity of Italian cuisine, innovation without loosing the authenticity, modernisation while staying true to authentic cuisine, traditional verses modern recipes, developing concepts and recipe development…etc And who better to explore this, instructing the participants than the most passionate chefs about Italian Cuisine? The Michelin Chefs of Italy! Each session will be held by a different Michelin Chef, each chef will discuss these topics with the moderator and the participants are welcomed to get involved in the discussion, raise questions, ask for best practices…etc. The idea is an open discussion and dialogue, learning from those who successfully made it in the industry. The chef will also demonstrate some of his/her foods throughout and the participants will get a taster of the demonstrated foods. Every session will also tap into communications and modern communication channels and trends, social media communications, the importance of food photography and styling to marketing, as well as developing updated marketing strategies. After the morning Session and before the afternoon session participants can enjoy a lunch at SCAFE, the Cafe at SCAFA (price included in the ticket)!

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