Daniele Repetti*, Nido Del Picchio Restaurant - Piacenza

A story that begins immediately after graduating from a hotel and catering school in Salsomaggiore at the age of 20 to already be managing the kitchen of El Toula restaurant in Rome. Influenced hugely by the international environment of Rome, which helped him to rapidly grow and excel in his career.
In 1996, Chef Repetti and his wife Lucy opened the restaurant Nido del Picchio to win numerous awards in the same year and be awarded the Michelin star in 2007.
"My cooking is based upon the use of high quality raw materials, and perfectly combining a few ingredients in each dish to let each flavour, colour or texture shine through. My dishes have been inspired by my passion for food and from over 20 years of cooking, researching and experimenting with excellent ingredients from our local area."

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